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The terror of jihad has reached Europe. The attacks in Paris and Brussels have shown that Islamist attacks are possible anytime and anywhere. There are networks of young, mainly European-born and radicalised Islamists. What can European governments do to prevent war from becoming a seductive alternative for young people?

The IS terrorist attacks have already profoundly changed our society. Insecurity and fear are spreading. More than ever, the question is how to deal with young people who went to war radicalised and some of whom are now returning. In most European countries, the hard line taken by France after the last attacks applies. The returnees are tried and imprisoned. Initiatives dedicated to protecting young people from radicalisation receive little state support. "Law and order" is the motto. But what can be done to effectively prevent radicalisation by Salafists or imams preaching jihad at an early stage?

"Generation Dschihad" looks at the different strategies of so-called deradicalisation and prevention in Europe. Filmmakers Albert Knechtel and Pierre-Olivier François present initiatives in Germany, France, Belgium and Great Britain. They ask experts about the causes of the radicalisation of so many young people who voluntarily put themselves in mortal danger and are prepared to kill in the name of Allah.

In Germany, for example, initiatives such as the Violence Prevention Network in Hesse are working to prevent the radicalisation of young people who have committed crimes. Will it be possible to develop a common strategy for all member states in Europe that is not only aimed at fighting terrorism, but above all at prevention and protecting young people from Islamist seduction? The latter, however, is above all a task for civil society.

  • Filmmakers: Albert Knechtel and Pierre-Olivier François
  • 52 minutes
  • Ventana-Film for ARTE
  • 2016

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