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In January 2014, the French filmmaker Pierre-Olivier François, came across an intriguing article in a trade magazine. The thriller story was about the almost perfect forgery of Galileo Galilei's "Sidereus Nuncius". It unraveled into one of the greatest forgery scandals in history. The book, translated as "The Starry Messenger", was published in Venice in 1610. In 2005, it was celebrated worldwide as a scientific and art-historical discovery. Yet, in 2012 it was meticulously examined and uncovered by a young Oxford art scientist as the "best book forgery of all times".

Pierre-Olivier François was astonished to find out that he personally knows two of the most important protagonists of the case: Horst Bredekamp, the great art historian ??who was deceived by the brilliant forger and Nick Wilding, a British researcher living in the United States who uncovered the forgery. These leads incited the idea for his film: "The Fake Galileo Moon" (WT). This crime thriller deals with science and scientists of yesterday and today, and ultimately the power of fascination.

The 52-minute documentary is a production of Ventana-Film for RBB and ARTE. 

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